Supporting high quality, early childhood experiences for all children and families.

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Last nights presentation was incredibly informative!
Thanks to Carol Johnson for organizing this chat. And thanks to presenters Alicia Pribramsky, Amanda Bricker, & Anne-Marie Desmond.
Over the next few days I will share key points of each presentation. Stay tune.....
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"All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
If you have not seen this yet......you must! Available on Netflix.
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Our Vision: High quality early childhood experiences for all children and families.


Early Childhood Partners (ECP) is a group of professionals who specialize in the early years of child development when support has the biggest impact on lifelong success.


To educate, cultivate and integrate all who care for young children by supporting families and early learning environments in our community so that every child can thrive.


  • Family and child centered
  • Culturally diverse and sensitive
  • Inclusive of all children and families
  • Preventative and proactive

Coaching & Consultation

Consulting and Coaching

The ECP team is able to bring the most current information on what is considered best practice for children birth to 8 years old.

The Coaching and Consultation project started in 2000 with funding from Eagle County Health and Human Services.

Coaching and Consultation has served thousands of children and their families from various socio-economic backgrounds and has ongoing involvement with more than 15 childcare programs annually. Each program identifies quality improvement and/or social emotional skill building goals, and works with ECP to design an individualized plan to enhance the quality of their program.

For Parents


Evidence strongly suggests that substantial benefits can be gained through investments in programs that focus on:

  • Establishing an early parent-child bond and helping parents set realistic expectations based on their child’s developmental needs.
  • Teaching parents how to nurture their children to reach their full potential.
  • Helping parents manage behavioral and school-readiness issues with preschoolers.
  • Empowering parents to establish boundaries and discipline effectively.
  • Preventing abuse and neglect.

Parenting Classes

14 week parenting classes are offered two times per year in both English and Spanish. To accommodate parent’s busy schedules, high-quality childcare is offered for children over two years old, and meals are provided for both parents and children. Classes are geared toward parents of children ages 2 – 8. After participating in the parenting classes, parents report a better understanding of their children’s development and a more satisfying relationship with their young children.

The Incredible Years Parenting Class is evidenced-based, and through many rigorous research studies it has been found that the program:

  • Increases positive parenting
  • Decreases harsh discipline
  • Reduces conduct problems
  • Increases child social competence

Support For Children With Challenging Behavior

ECP is the agency child care programs turn to when they are struggling with children experiencing persistent challenging behaviors

Through the support of our specialists, we work to assure that children are not expelled from their child care program, and are instead able to thrive.

We begin with analyzing the Ages and Stages Developmental Screening (ASQ) to ensure there are no developmental concerns, and we then develop individualized positive behavior plans with classroom teachers and parents to assure each child’s success. If a potential developmental delay is suspected, ECP works with parents and child care programs to navigate the referral, and sometimes special education system.

Family Leadership Training Institute


The Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) is a series of 20 sessions on leadership training, civic literacy, and civic participation skills.

FLTI is based on the premise that family members are the best advocates for children, families, and their communities. Community leaders, including parents, youth, and family members, can be extraordinarily effective when they speak out on issues and inform policymakers, the media, and the community.

The accomplishments of graduates are significant and will lead to positive, proactive community change for children and families in Eagle County.  Course graduates will have completed:

  • A ten week course on parent leadership
  • A ten week study of policy, politics, and the media
  • A community project practicum benefiting children and families in Eagle County.

The Family Leadership Training Institute has over 30 years of evidence demonstrating positive outcomes for children, families, and the community.


the wonderful set of parenting classes

  • Dear Julia and Emily,

    I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful set of parenting classes that we just finished.

    At first, when we started, I thought….” Oh My! 14 weeks! … that is a long time”…

    Then, while we were doing the classes, my thoughts turned into “ Oh my! how am I going to remember all this and put it into practice??”

    As we went on, I was feeling sad and deprived, if I had to miss a class… it was such a great reminder to stay on track with what we had learned until then, because little by little, each piece of the puzzle was fitting perfectly and it was all starting to make more and more sense…

    By week 14, I saw how necessary it was to actually have all that time for all the information provided, to make sense and to be able to learn to apply it. It works…. no matter how reluctant we may have been at the beginning, you won us over. It does work !

    This class was a life changing experience for me. It taught me that being a parent is the most important job in my life and that it was also the one that I had the least coaching, education and training for. Now, I can see how I can help my children become better people. This class taught me that… it made learn and mature and be a better parent, and that is just priceless. I will never be able to thank you enough, never.

    I wish that every parent would be willing to do the class and commit to do it, the effort that it takes to do it compared to what you get out of it has NO comparison.

    Now I feel more confident on how to behave with my kids, how to be a better mother, a better wife and I feel so much happier.

    Thank you Emily and Julia for giving me this gift. It is a wonderful feeling and I very much appreciate it.

    With love, Delfina

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