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Supporting High Quality, Early Childhood Experiences For All Children & Families!

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We are a group of professionals who specialize in the early years of child development when support has the biggest impact on lifelong success.

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All profits towards helping children

How You Can Help

Become a leader

Community leaders, including parents, youth, and family members, can be extraordinarily effective when they speak out on issues and inform policymakers, the media, and the community


Early Childhood Partners has many different volunteer opportunities. Contact Us to learn more


Help us, help the families and children of Eagle County by donating to this very important cause.


family members are the best advocates for children, families, and their communities. Please continue to advocate for your children.

Our Mission

To educate, cultivate and integrate all who care for young children by supporting families and early learning environments in our community so that every child can thrive.

Our Values

  • Family and child centered
  • Culturally diverse and sensitive
  • Inclusive of all children and families
  • Preventative and proactive

Our Coaching and Consultation Project

serving thousands of children and their families from various socio-economic backgrounds and has ongoing involvement with more than 15 childcare programs annually 

Make A Real Change In a Child’s Life

Through the support of our specialists, we work to assure that children are not expelled from their child care program, and are instead able to thrive.


We have many events for parents and families including parenting classes and community events.


There are many ways to donate to Early Childhood Partners. You can donate your time, money, food, housing, furniture, etc.

Parent Coaching

Coaching and Consultation has served thousands of children and their families and has ongoing involvement with more than 15 childcare programs annually.

Behavioral Challenges

We develop individualized positive behavior plans with classroom teachers and parents to assure each child’s success.

Thank You to Our Supporters

We appreciate the generous support of our public and private partners, our work would not be possible without them

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