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About Us

Early Childhood Partners is a nonprofit organization serving the Eagle River Valley. We provide Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation, a Family Resource Center, coaching and consultation to support child care providers, individualized support for
children and families experiencing challenging behavior or suspected developmental delays, evidenced based parenting classes in English and Spanish, developmental screenings, the Family
Leadership Training Institute, and the Healthy Families America home visitation program.

We invite you to  learn more about the programs we offer by exploring our website, and to contact us if you care for a young child, and are in need of support for any reason.

Children Impacted Annually

families Impacted Annually


Child Care Programs Impacted Annually

How You Can Help


Help us, help the families and children of Eagle County by donating to this very important cause.

Become a leader

Community leaders, including parents, youth, and family members, can be extraordinarily effective when they speak out on issues and inform policymakers, the media, and the community


family members are the best advocates for children, families, and their communities. Please continue to advocate for your children.

Our Mission

To support families and early learning environments so that every child can thrive.

Our Values

  • Family and child centered
  • Culturally diverse and sensitive
  • Inclusive of all children and families
  • Preventative and proactive

Child Care Coaching and Consultation

Early Childhood Partners provides coaching and consultation for approximately 65% of all licensed child care programs in the Eagle River Valley.

Community Resources

Our family resource center helps
connect families with
various resources in Eagle
County to meet their
individual needs, as well as
individual family goal setting.

Our Blog

Family New Year Resolutions

Family New Year Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, many parents think about how they would like to make this year better with their children. Here are some simple yet sometimes overlooked ideas that can serve to make family relationships improve in 2018. (According to Statistics,...

Teach you child by being a coach

Teach you child by being a coach

Parents are always looking for ways to teach children new concepts, but often do not know how to help their young children learn in a way that is developmentally appropriate, while at the same time working on improving the relationship. One method which has been found...

Don’t force children to say sorry

Don’t force children to say sorry

Children have so much to learn and it is inevitable that they will make many mistakes as they grow. Parents are often quick to insist on an apology when a child hits another child or grabs a toy away. Most parents want their children to grow up with good manners,...


Your donations go a long way at Early Childhood Partners. There are many families and children in the Vail Valley that will benefit from your generosity. 

Parent Classes

Early Childhood Partners offers the Incredible Years parenting class free of charge, and with dinner and child care included in both English and Spanish throughout the year.

Behavioral Challenges

child care programs turn to Early Childhood Partners when they are struggling with children experiencing persistent challenging behaviors.

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We appreciate the generous support of our public and private partners, our work would not be possible without them

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