About Us

Our Mission, Goals, & Values

Early Childhood Partners (ECP) specializes in supporting young children, families, and child care providers in a variety of ways, so that every child and family can thrive.  Our multidisciplinary team of early childhood specialists help families and child care providers navigate resources, and identify programs that best meet their individual needs.

What happens in the early years of development lays the foundation for all that is to come, and we believe            that together we are stronger. 

Early Childhood Partners offers families and child care providers the following programs in the                              Eagle River Valley:

    • Parenting Classes
    • Intensive Family Support
    • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
    • Child Care Coaching and Consultation
    • Teacher Training
    • Individualized Support for Children and Families
    • Family Leadership Training Institute

Our Vision

High quality early childhood experiences for all children and families

Our Mission

To support families and early learning environments so that every child can thrive

Our Values

  • Family and child centered
  • Culturally diverse and sensitive
  • Inclusive of all children and families
  • Preventative and proactive