About Us

Our Services, Mission, & Values

Early Childhood Partners supports young children and their caregivers by going directly into homes, schools, and child care centers with nationally recognized, evidenced-based programs. Our efforts focus on children ages newborn to six, when brain development is peaking, behaviors are learned, and children are first introduced to school. Our team of early childhood and mental health specialists offer family support and professional development services for early childhood educators because healthy children grow and develop through the healthy relationships they experience from their earliest years.

ECP impacts an average of 1,000 children, 500 parents, and 125 child care teachers each year through the following programs:

      • Incredible Years Parenting Classes
      • Promoting Safe and Stable Families Home Visitation and Case Management
      • Family Resource Center
      • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (individualized support for families and child care)
      • Child Care Coaching and Consultation 
      • Professional Development/ Early Childhood Teacher Training
      • Family Leadership Training Institute

Our Vision

High quality early childhood experiences for all children and families

Our Mission

To support families and early learning environments so that every child can thrive

Our Values

  • Family and child centered
  • Culturally diverse and sensitive
  • Inclusive of all children and families
  • Preventative and proactive