Dani Rodriguez

Dani Rodriguez (2022 -present) is originally from Chile, where she studied Translation &
Interpreting English/Spanish at the University of Chile. Dani moved to Eagle County, Colorado in 2009
and entered the field of early childhood working in both private and public settings while taking ECE
classes. Dani is currently completing her bachelors degree in Education and Human Services. Dani has
been a part of the Early Childhood Partners family support team since 2022, and is formally trained in
Circle of Security Parenting, Lena Home, Growing Great Kids, and the Colorado Family Support
Assessment 2.0. Additionally, Dani is a facilitator of the Incredible Years Parenting Program, and
continues to participate in trainings and classes as an avid lifelong learner. Dani is a passionate advocate,
focusing many of her efforts on accessibility of services for Spanish speaking families. Dani enjoys
traveling around the world and discovering new towns all across the United States. She loves
photography, acting, storytelling, and art museums. Daniela is also the mom of her furbaby, Cachora,
who is also from Chile.