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Healthy Families America (HFA) is one of the leading family support and evidence based home visitation programs in the United States. We believe early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for healthy development. A rich and varied set of resources including knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward parenting can help ensure parents establish close, positive relationships with their children. Healthy Families helps parents develop their personal resources to improve family functioning, strengthen the parent-child relationship, promote child well-being, and prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Healthy Families Vail Valley utilizes the Healthy Families America framework, because we know that through supporting families, we are building a stronger community and future.

For nearly 30 years, Healthy Families America (HFA) has worked toward a singular vision: all children receive nurturing care from their family that leads to a healthy, long, and successful life.

To learn more about the Healthy Families America program visit healthyfamiliesamerica.org.